Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Winter's Tale Assignment due 12th September, 2012

♀ What is a theme? A theme is described as a main idea, or thought that is subject to discussion.
1. My personal view on friendship is that it is a close and trustful bond between two or more individuals. To me, it is a rare commodity that is hard to maintain as one grows through life.
2. I have a childhood friend that is currently still my friend, however, there is evidence of changes in our relationship, that have both weakened and strengthened our friendship.
3. Loyalty is the most important aspect of friendship. Loyalty is the complete devotion and reliabilty shared between two persons, in terms of friendship.
4. If my best friend betrayed me, I would be completely distraught due to the trust that I have placed in this person. The height of neglect for my feelings from someone who is seen as my best friend will surely evaporate any trust or feelings left for them.
5. I once felt betrayed by my "friend" who I believed shared a very personal secret with others about but it was revealed that this accusation was untrue.
6. I have not been cheated on.
7. The betrayer will no longer be apart of my life.
8. I would not try to ensure payback in any way, the higher judge shall administer it.
9.I recall calling someone out of their given name which caused others to laugh and that person to feel discomfort and greif.
10. The punishment fit for that crime wil have to be left for the higher judge.

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