Monday, 14 January 2013

What do you consider to be an unhealthy relationship? Give an account where this has occurred?

In my view, an unhealthy relationship is on that is emotionally and mentally strenuous on one or both parties involved.

Define the term Oedipus Complex

Introduced by Sigmund Freud in Interpretation of Dreams (1899), Oedipus Complex refers to a disorder the child develops sexual gratification for their mother or father, normally whomever is the opposite sex.

What are your views on this type of behaviour?

My view of this behaviour is multifarious. Initially, this disorder is highly unorthodox and down right wrong in my eyes, but once I dig deeper into the meaning, I feel it must be due to how the child is raised by his/her parents. Oedipus Complex is not a disorder that just pops up one day but evidently it grows as the child grows and develops itself into a strong emotion.

In society today, we see older men taking advantage of younger girls and having children with them. What negative effects can come about through these forms of unhealthy behaviours?

These relationships are growing rapidly within our society, and due to its brisk occurrence and frequency , it is soon becoming a norm- one that must quickly be ratified if we expect any form of change to happen. These young girls and in some cases boys, are easily exploited by these adults due to their poor upbringing and lack of interest shown by their parents, so this pushes these adolescents to seek love elsewhere and in all the wrong places. Families are torn apart as parents fight for their children and children fight their parents to pursue "love" with adults. These adults themselves have children of their own, however they find pleasure in exploiting someone else's; I feel that the harshest penalty needs to be enforced so that our youths can get back to being productive contributors in our society.