Wednesday, 11 January 2012

F. Scott Fitzgerald Youtube Video Summary

In efforts to "save western civilisation and bring culture to the unwashed masses", OldGrumpyGuy, according to his youtube username started a video series called Great Writers, beginning with F. Scott Fitzgerald. The video begins with a short biography of Fitzgerald, where his childhoood, onwards to adulthood is briefly explained. OldGrumpyGuy gives his feelings towards what is often said about Fitzgerald, he glorifies the writer and dismisses critics who compare his work to Ernest Hemingway. He feels that Hemingway is obessed with masculinity and must have something to hide so he does not care much for his work. He refers to Fitzgerald as the Mozart of American Literature because of the poetic flow of his work and the depth and range of emotions as well. he adds that Fitzgerald's work reflected his life with great humor and tragedy in both. He reads an excerpt of Fitzgerald first published novel, written when he was twenty-one "This Side of Paradise". The excerpt is taken from the beginning of the novel where Amerie Blaine, the central character is introduced along with his excentric mother and inaffectionate father. OldGrumpyGuy was evidently impressed by the excerpt, especially with knowing that Fitzgerald was only twenty-one when he wrote it, he add that after his first novel he went on to write even more exceptional novels, some of the best in American Lierature.

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